Playwright + Comedy Person

Megan is a Brooklyn-based playwright and comedy person. Despite the last name, Megan is actually very Jewish.


Megan's recent work includes Dox Modern Middle [Jewish Plays Project Finalist, Princess Grace Award Semi-Finalist], Sarah Sits Shiva For Herself [The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals, PAGE Finalist], Temps [The Breakk], and Lives In Transit [New York Film Festival].

Megan also produces podcasts for Forever Dog Podcast Network, writes for BoogieManja Sketch Comedy, and has contributed to Interview Magazine. If you’re lucky, you can catch Megan doing stand-up in a basement.


Follow Megan on Twitter @mpopetweets + on Instagram @megspope.


B.A. Brown University.

Member, Dramatists Guild of America.





Megan Pope

filling this space with self conscious text
because it looks very empty otherwise.

one time when i was 8 i had a rock-themed birthday party. not rock n roll themed. rock-themed. like the ones you kick on the road...

we had chocolate rocks for dessert and they were very delicious.  if you're still reading this, email me with your opinion on rocks.